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Orange Blossom

Deliciously sensual

A sparkly fragrance of freshly picked oranges to leave you feeling great and bursting with vitality all day long.

Recommended for:
deliciously satisfying relaxation

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Orange Blossom Bath and Shower Foam (400 ml) Click here to enlarge
Orange Blossom Bath and Shower Foam (400 ml)
A fresh, delicate cleanser that envelops the body with an intense, sweet and penetrating fragrance . The essential Orange Blossom oil has a relaxing property and its aromatic warmth prepares you for your night time rest. Orange Blossom flowers are considered the symbol of purity, and are often chosen by brides for their wedding day. Hair/Skin: All typesActions: Cleansing actionDirections for Use: Massage onto wet skin until it forms a soft foam, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat the application if necessary.Scent: Floral and citrus-fruits

Orange blossoms - Orange Click here to enlarge
Orange blossoms - Orange
Orange Blossoms and orange juice combine for a easy to apply cream that embraces your body with a fresh spring scent while nourishing and deeply moisturizing you all over. The formula contains an active principle obtained from orange juice, the embodiment of well-being based on vitamin C which is rich in sugars and minerals that are great for your skin. A soft and silky cream which gives your skin back its natural softness and shine. It envelopes you with a light and harmonious fragrance that brings to mind the Mediterranean gardens in full blossom.Hair/Skin: For all skin typesActions: Softening, perfumingDirections for Use: Apply to skin and massage until fully absorbed.Scent: Fruity