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The magic of an exotic garden, the precious charm of a rare and elegant flower, the endless sweetness of a fragrance: for unique emotions.

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HONEY BODY FACE HAND CREAM 200ML                                      Click here to enlarge
For a softening and moisturising action , a light and soft, smooth and nourishing emulsion , ideal for the needs of the whole family, with Honey and Beeswax . The cream for every day and every need. Apply all over the body after a bath or shower to envelop yourself in the softest of embraces Envelop yourself in the softest of embraces with this not only light and soft, but also smooth and nourishing mixture containing Honey and Beeswax. Apply it all over your body after bathing. This body cream is suitable for everyday use and every member of your family.Hair/Skin: All skin types, especially dry skinsActions: MoisturisingApplication Area: Body, face and hands Characteristics: Thick ivory coloured cream with a delicate floral fragrance containing Honey, Beeswax and GlycerineDirections for Use: -Suggestions: The practical and nourishing solution to pamper adults and children, one single product to moisturise the face, body and handsTexture: -Scent: -

HONEY - BAR OF SOAP 150GR                                             Click here to enlarge
Its delicate formula is enriched with Honey, which has known soothening, moisturising and antioxidant properties This bath bar is enriched with Honey, which, in addition to its antioxidant properties, provides soothing and moisturizing action to its delicate recipe.Hair/Skin: -Actions: -Application Area: -Characteristics: -Directions for Use: -Suggestions: -Texture: -Scent: -

HONEY SHOWER SHAMPOO 400ML                                            Click here to enlarge
Ultra-gentle , suitable for the whole family. Thanks to the renowned softening properties of Honey, it makes the skin soft and the hair ultra-glossy with a natural moisturising action which turns your shower and shampoo into a beauty treatment Turn your hair cleansing into a beauty treatment with this ultra-gentle shampoo. It is perfect for the whole family and will provide you with hair that is soft and shiny due to the natural moisturizing action of the added Honey.Hair/Skin: For all skin typesActions: Cleansing actionApplication Area: BodyCharacteristics: Rich amber-coloured liquidDirections for Use: Apply a small amount of the product onto wet skin and massage until it forms a soft and creamy foam, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat the application if necessarySuggestions: The delicate and luscious fragrance of Honey makes this shower-shampoo ideal for the whole familyTexture: LiquidScent: Sweet floral Honey tones

HONEY HAND CREAM 75ML                                                 Click here to enlarge
It protects, hydrates and nourishes maintaining the hands soft, youthful and beautiful . Thanks to a spot-on mixture of vegetable substances, among which Honey and Sweet Almond Oil , it assures an extraordinary softening action and prevents irritation and redness. The presence of pure Lemon juice (the equivalent of one fruit in each tube) combats the formation of undesired dark spots . The sweet fragrance of the Honey together with the citrus-fruit tang of the essential oil of Mandarin gives this cream a delicate and sparkling tone . For silky softness that is maintained over time. Maintain your hands' youthful softness with this perfect blend of natural ingredients. The Honey and Sweet Almond Oil assure exceptional softening action and prevent irritation and redness. By adding an entire Lemon's worth of juice, this hand cream helps you fight the formation of dark spots. The subtle, yet sweet fragrance and the delicate and sparkling tone it gives your hands comes from the combination of Honey and the essential oils of the Mandarin Orange. Hair/Skin: All skin typesActions: Softening nourishing, with a wonderful fragranceApplication Area: HandsCharacteristics: Soft and light cream which is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Suitable for repeated applications, non-greasy Directions for Use: Apply a medium amount of cream to dry hands at intervals during the day and rub in until completely absorbed. Frequent use is recommended to moisturise and protect dry and chapped handsSuggestions: For those who want to take of their hands, nourishing and protecting them from the daily aggression of external agentsTexture: Tube cream Scent: Sweet notes of honey which when applied leave a delicate and citrus fruit fragrance of the natural essential oils of mandarin which is light and sparkling