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Hydrated, supple skin... and all the delicate care you deserve.

The Almond line is ultra-nourishing, easily tolerated and delicately fragranced to bring you a sensory experience that is totally unique.

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hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

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ALMOND Bath&Shower GEL 400 mlClick here to enlarge
ALMOND Bath&Shower GEL 400 ml
Softens skin with the pleasure of a delicate natural scent. The main ingredients in sweet almond extract work to soften skin while the milk bath envelopes the body with a foamy and bubbley lather. Cleaning your skin never feel so refreshing. Hair/Skin: ideal for all skin types, especially very dry and dehydrated skin Directions for Use: Apply to wet skin and massage until it forms a dense and creamy foam. Rinse with warm water and repeat application if necessaryScent: warm notes of honey blended with delicate floral notes

Almonds - Gentle soap (150 g) Click here to enlarge
Almonds - Gentle soap (150 g)
This vegatable based soap leaves your skin soft and scented of sweet almonds. Hair/Skin: -Actions: body cleanser Scent: almond notes

ALMOND BODY BUTTER 125 mlClick here to enlarge
Intoxicates the senses with its delicious fragrance of freshly picked almonds and offers a prolonged and luscious sensation thanks to its rich and creamy texture: perfect for restoring skin with all the nutrients it needs after a bath or shower. The combination of shea butter and sweet almond milk and oil ensures an incredibly emollient and firming effect, which has made it the top product for deeply nourishing even the driest skin... to pamper skin, making it velvety and irresistibly soft.Hair/Skin: all skin types, in particular very dry skin Actions: nourishing and emollient action Directions for Use: Apply to skin following a bath or shower, massaging until completely absorbed. If skin is particularly dry, repeat application.Scent: Delicate floral scent with honey and almond notes

ALMOND HAND CREAM 75 mlClick here to enlarge
Much more than a simple hand cream, this product is a precious revitalizing and nourishing treatment. It is, without a doubt, one of the top Bottega Verde products and its strength draws from the synergetic action of its expert blend of main ingredients. These include Allantoin, which in nature is extracted from Consolida (botanical name: Simphytum officinale) and is used as an emollient and soothing agent in products for dry skin, and sweet almond oil, which consists of over 95% unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids with elevated moisturizing and emollient properties. For this reason, it is perfect for even the most delicate and sensitive skin. It is great for softening skin and also provides intense firming properties. Its creamy texture allows for easy application, and its pleasant, delicate fragrance makes it the perfect product for the entire family.Hair/Skin: suitable for all skin types Actions: softening, emollient and nourishing Directions for Use: Apply to hands, preferably after washing. Then massage until completely absorbed. Scent: characteristic almond notes

ALMOND BODY MILK 250 mlClick here to enlarge
After a bath, it offers a pleasant sensation of wellness and restores the proper level of moisture to skin, leaving it pleasantly perfumed, firm and soft. Containing sweet almond oil, one of the most effective cosmetic ingredients, it is also enriched with vitamins A and E. Packaged in a convenient and hygienic dispenser that allows for easy application. Hair/Skin: for all skin types.Actions: firming, nourishing Directions for Use: After a bath, apply the product to the entire body, massaging until completely absorbed Scent: delicate notes of sweet almond